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Attention ByWard Market Shoppers

You can play a Key Role in the ByWard Market

You can have your say on the future of the ByWard Market – volunteer today to serve on the ByWard Market Core Team as a Consumer at Large. The Core Team will champion the Market’s “raison d’être” by influencing policy in a way that supports the Market Vision and Mission.

The Core Team will meet for a few hours (timing) monthly (month to month) to:

a) provide the City of Ottawa’s Markets Management group with objective, independent and informed opinions on issues impacting the ByWard Market;

b) be included in the development of policy positions through a consultative process that will result in recommendations and other submissions to the City on matters related to the ByWard Market;

3. contribute to policy consultations related to the ByWard Market Business

Plan, and act as a channel for information exchange and knowledge transfer between and among stakeholders.

Interested consumers are asked to submit their résumé and a cover letter detailing the reason for wanting to become a Core Team member by December 1, 2009.

Please note: As residents and businesses from the ByWard Market are well represented at the Core Team it would ideal if the candidate for the Consumer at Large came from outside the Market/Lowertown area.

For more information on the Core Team or to submit your résumé, contact Paolo Copelli at the Markets Management Office:

By phone: 613- 244-4415

Or email: paolo.copelli@ottawa.ca